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February, 2021 Gatherings and Services update

GBC Family,

We are currently offering a Sunday morning in-person “Fellowship” service at 10AM. While the service is now held indoors, we keep windows open for airflow, so you're encouraged to dress to stay comfortably warm. Seating is distanced, masks are required indoors, and we are not singing or having refreshments.

We continue with our live stream “Worship” service on Saturday evenings that will be a base for Bible teaching and worship through music. The online-only Saturday live stream “Worship” service will also operate as a connection point for all who are unable to attend the Sunday in-person fellowship.

Before giving you all the details about these services. I would like to share with you the journey that

shaped them.

In late spring of 2019, my first glance at the guidelines for in-person worship services was disappointing at best, not at all what I was hoping for. The two greatest dilemmas were the inability to have nursery &

Sunday school for our children due to the distancing protocols. And singing strongly

discouraged because of the large effect that it has had in the spreading of the virus. These

changes alone in our worship services presented the question of whether we would be able to

fulfill what we are all longing for. I felt that this threatened to strip away our ability to function

in a meaningful way during our service times.

As Jenni and I prayed for wisdom to formulate a plan one night, the LORD reminded me that He

already has a plan for His Church. This brought me great comfort and encouragement. It also

changed the way that I was praying for service plans. I began to seek His plan rather than for

knowledge about how to build my own. In the next couple of days through continued seeking

of the LORD and conversations with fellow Believers I saw a clear way to not only resolve the

dilemmas that threatened our ability to function, but even more, a way to enhance and to

strengthen us as a church body.

I realized that we could think a little bit more outside of the box. We could still have a live

streaming service that would emphasize worship through music and a Bible message. As well

as, to offer a service that accentuates the side of fellowship that involves the sharing of prayer

together and spoken praises. A service that the whole family could engage in, from the

youngest to the oldest. Basically, taking the one service that we have had in the past and

splitting it down the middle to give special concentration to both parts. This I believe will give

us the opportunity for growth in all areas! I and the church council are excited about the next

phase of our services together, both the Saturday evening livestream service and the

Sunday morning Fellowship service! The details for these two services are as follows:

Saturday Evening Livestream Worship Service 6PM

The Worship service will function the same way that it has been on Sunday mornings, but with

a change in day and time. The Worship service will be held online Saturday evenings at 6pm. We will

continue to study God’s Word together through the teaching and preaching and to sing praises

to the LORD through worship music. If you are unable to tune in during the livestream it will

still be available afterward on both Facebook and YouTube.

Sunday Morning Fellowship Service 10AM

The in-person Fellowship service will start at 10AM on Sunday morning. This service will begin with a

short devotional that will connect with the sermon from the Worship service the evening

before. There will be opportunity for sharing prayer requests and praise reports, which has

been one of the missing elements of our fellowship through the livestream. It is my hope that

we can deepen our prayer time together as well as our testimonies of the LORD’s blessings.

Again, though there will not be Sunday School and Nursery offered for our children at this

point, this is a service that will allow greater freedom for them to be with us and participating in

varying degrees. I think of what our children will remember about this season in their lives as

they look back years later. My hope is for them to remember special times of the church

gathering in prayer and fellowship together. It is my prayer that this will be a great foundation

for our next generations!

Present In-Person Protocols as Part of The Sunday Fellowship Service

There is a long list of protocols that we will need to follow in order to stay open for in-person

services. This information in its complete content can be read at:

Below I have the details that will be important for us to know concerning our in-person service

times. I have also provided a bullet point list at the end of the protocols section of what items

to bring with you for these services. There are many changes to what we have been

accustomed to as you will see in the paragraphs to follow. I want to encourage you to keep in

mind that though these procedures make our fellowship less convenient, they do not make it


When you arrive in the parking lot you will need to be mindful of leaving a 6-foot space

between your car and the cars next to you. While walking from your vehicle to the church

building there needs to be the same 6-foot distancing between yourself and anyone not from

the same household. The same distancing is protocol for when leaving the church building to

return to your car.

Part of the protocol regarding seating along with distancing includes no cushions because they cannot be sanitized as well as the chairs can be. If this is a concern for you, you can bring a cushion from home for the service.

Only the Sanctuary and bathrooms will be open for use during the Fellowship service at this

time. Though the Bathrooms are open please use them only if you must, as we want to keep

them as sanitized as possible.

We will not be able to have potluck lunches for the time being. Nor will we have coffee and

cookies as usual. However, there has been a way provided for us to still have communion

together at these Fellowship services. Rick and Lynne found communion packs that are sealed

individual kits. We will also provide communion together through the Livestream Worship

Service for those who are unable to be part of the Fellowship Service. We will have the

bowls for tithes and offerings available near both exits. That being said, the mailing method

has worked well and will continue to be recommended.

Everyone who attends the Fellowship Service must wear a face mask and have hand sanitizer to

use when needed. Gloves can be used but are not mandatory. It is important for each of us to

follow these guidelines, if not for ourselves, for others. I realize that there are many differing

views regarding Covid-19 and the protocols that are in place because of it. This is a time in

which we can exercise great love towards our brothers and sisters by demonstrating humility.

*Important: Please do not attend the Fellowship Service if you are experiencing any of the

symptoms for Covid-19, or any other contagious illness. It would be recommended to check

your temperature before leaving your house. If you are more susceptible to the virus, we

strongly encourage you to stay home and to be a part of the Saturday evening Livestream

Worship Service.

What to bring with you for the Sunday Fellowship Service:

• Face Mask (on your face)

• Hand Sanitizer

• Gloves (if you desire)

• Bible

• Seat Cushion (if needed)

• Warm Coat (for cooler days, even if we are inside)

Thank you for reading and following these guidelines so that we can meet together,

Pastor Jason


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